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BF-T1 Tips

Despite the confusion, the BF-T1 does in fact work from 400-470 MHz. TX power on HIGH is 1W, on LOW is 0.5W.

EMG channel: This radio actually has dual watch: the SOS channel and the active channel. When you press the SOS button, it transmits on the EMG (in CHIRP) channel, and if another radio transmits on the SOS receive frequency, the radio will receive on it. Personally I set it to 446.000 MHz. MONI cannot be used on it.

RELAYM function: without the base station, effectively acts as an extra channel. If you select RE-RX or RE-TX, the RLY (in CHIRP) station will become the active one. MONI can be used, and the SOS dual watch is still active. Personally I set the RLY channel to 446.000 MHz as well, so I can use MONI if I really need to (accessing the RLY channel is slightly inconvenient).

VHF: Good receive, but transmit power is almost nil.

Don't hold FM! It transmits a siren. It doesn't look like it can be disabled, unlike the UV-5R.